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· 2 min read

Introducing Enhanced StabilityAI Integration in AI-FLOW

With the integration of StabilityAI's API into AI-FLOW, we've broadened our suite of features far beyond Stable Diffusion 3. This integration allows us to offer a versatile range of image processing capabilities, from background removal to creative upscaling, alongside search-and-replace functionalities.

Given the expansive set of tools and the ongoing advancements from StabilityAI, we've adopted a more flexible integration approach, akin to our implementation with the Replicate API. Our goal is to support automation and rapid adoption of new features released by StabilityAI.

StabilityAI feature showcase

Here's a rundown of the features now accessible through AI-FLOW, as per the StabilityAI documentation:

  • Control - Sketch: Guide image generation with sketches or line art.
  • Control - Structure: Precisely guide generation using an input image.
  • Edit - Outpaint: Expand an image in any direction by inserting additional content.
  • Edit - Remove Background: Focus on the foreground by removing the background.
  • Edit - Search and Replace: Automatically locate and replace objects in an image using simple text prompts.
  • Generate - Core: Create high-quality images quickly with advanced workflows.
  • Generate - SD3: Use the most robust version of Stable Diffusion 3 for your image generation needs.
  • Image to Video: Employ the state-of-the-art Stable Video Diffusion model to generate short videos.
  • Upscale - Creative: Elevate any low-resolution image to a 4K masterpiece with guided prompts.

These enhanced capabilities are great assets for your image processing workflow. Explore these features and find innovative ways to enhance your projects! Try it now!