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Install with Docker 🐳


  1. Ensure you have Docker and Docker Compose installed on your system.


  1. Navigate to the Docker Directory:

    cd ./docker
  2. Modify Configuration (if necessary):

    • The docker-compose.yml file contains various settings, including the ports the services will run on. Review and update if needed. Particularly, you might want to adjust the PORTS configuration depending on your needs.

    • You'll need to update the REPLICATE_API_KEY in the docker-compose file to use the Replicate Node. This API key is used exclusively for fetching model data.

Running the Application​

  1. Start the Services:

    • To start the application in the foreground (logs will display in the terminal):
      docker-compose up
    • To start the application in the background (detached mode):
      docker-compose up -d
  2. Accessing the Application:

    • Once the services have started, open your browser and navigate to:
    • If you've changed the port in the .yml file, make sure to use that port instead.

Stopping the Application​

  1. Stop the Services:
    • When you want to stop the application and its related services, use CTRL+C in the terminal.
    • If you're in detached mode, use the following command:
      docker-compose stop