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Install with Windows .exe


  • A Windows-based system.

You can download the application from the following link: Releases AI-FLOW.

To use the desktop app, simply run the .exe file after downloading. This executable will launch a local server to run AI-FLOW, allowing you to access the user interface directly as a Windows application.


You'll need to set REPLICATE_API_KEY in your env to be able to use the Replicate Node.

Or, update the REPLICATE_API_KEY in ai-flow-win32-x64/resources/server/.env

With the server.exe release

You can download the server release here : Releases AI-FLOW.

  1. Download the Executable:
    • Download the .rar file provided for the latest release.
    • This file contains all the code necessary for the application.
    • Extract the content of the .rar

Installation & Running

  1. Executing the Server:

    • Locate the server.exe file.

    • It's important to note that you might need to run server.exe with administrative privileges for proper functionality. You can try without first, but if it doesn't work then :

      1. Right-click on server.exe.
      2. Select 'Run as administrator'.
    • You'll need to update the REPLICATE_API_KEY in the .env file to use the Replicate Node. This API key is used exclusively for fetching model data.

  2. Accessing the Server:

    • With the server running, open your preferred web browser and navigate to: