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AI-Flow Docs

Everything you need to build your own flow !

Latest Resources


Creating New Nodes in AI-FLOW

This guide describes how to create new nodes in the application using a single Python file.


Introducing Claude 3 API in AI-FLOW

Following user feedback, AI-FLOW has now integrated Claude 3 from Anthropic, an upgrade in our text generation toolkit.


Easy to Use

AI-Flow is designed for effortless installation and use, even for beginners with minimal programming knowledge. Quickly set up your workflows and start automating.

Seamless Integration

Easily pull in models from OpenAI, StabilityAI, Replicate and integrate them into your workflows. AI-Flow's spatial multi-step processing makes it simple to create complex automation.

Responsive and Intuitive

AI-Flow features a responsive and intuitive layout that enhances your experience. Navigate and manage your automated tasks with ease.